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Technology Packages

  • Seabass Hatchery

    • Based on the technologies so far developed at the Seabass hatchery, RGCA has formulated the following technology dissemination packages which can be availed by interested entrepreneurs in different modules.

      Selection of site, providing design and layout and transfer of technology starting from brood stock collection till one million fry production and guidelines for grow out (Turnkey technology transfer) Rs.10 Lakhs plus service tax excluding the income tax payable. The schedules of payment of fee are as below:-

      i . 20 % on signing of MOU.
      ii. Next 10% on providing detailed Project Report.
      iii. Next 30% on production of one million fry.
      iv. Next 40% on production of 50,000 fingerlings and providing guidelines for grow out.

    • Technology transfer for those who own functional Seawater based hatchery. The fee indicated against each to be paid in two equal instalments, one on initiation of the contract and next one on completion of the task. The fee is exclusive of service tax and the income tax payable. The tasks and fees for such technology transfer are as below:-

      Tasks Fee
      Supply of one day old Spawn, live feed production starting from rotifer to weaning feed for production  of 0.5 million  30 days old fry. Rs.5,00,000.00 excluding the charges of inputs like Spawn, drugs fertilizers and weaning feed etc.
      Supply of 15 days old fish fry to produce 0.5 million 30days old fry. Rs. 2,00,000.00 excluding the charges of inputs like fish fry drugs fertilizers and weaning feed etc.
      Supply of 30 days old fish fry to produce 0.25 million fingerlings and stocking in grow out cages. Rs. 2,00,000.00 excluding the charges of inputs like fish fry  feed and  cages  etc.

      Travelling allowance, board and lodging and per-diem for RGCA Consultants as per the invoice presented by the RGCA based on the RGCA norms.

  • Mud Crab Hatchery

    • It involves the preparation of the preliminary report on Infrastructure development, Preparation of project plan, Transfer of technology on production of Crab instars in hatchery by conducting one successful cycle and nursery rearing of Crab instar to crablets in the nursery ponds. The package also provides hands on training to two Technicians of the client. The schedules of payment of fee are as below:-

      Tasks Fee

      Preliminary survey and preparation of report on infrastructure developments required

      Rs.10000/- . Shall be remitted on signing the agreement
      Preparation of Project Plan Rs. 40000/- . Rs. 20000/- Shall be paid in advance to begin preparation of Project plan and balance Rs. 20000/- shall be paid on the submission of the Project plan.
      Technology Transfer Fee

      Rs. 500000/- . Shall be paid in instalments as detailed
      20% as advance to start the onsite consultancy
      30% on commencement of Larval rearing
      30% on production of first batch of instars ( 3 - 5 mm)
      20% on production of first batch of Crablets ( 2.5 - 3.0 cm)

      Hands on training fee for the technical persons of the client Rs. 10000/- per person for one weeks training including accommodation and study material. Training to be provided after transfer of technology.

  • Artemia Cysts & Biomass Production through Aquaculture

  • Harvesting, Post harvest Processing and Packing of Artemia Cysts

  • Tilapia Satellite breeding centre and all male Tilapia Production Unit

  • (Packages will be made available at this website shortly)

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