Rajiv Gandhi Centre for Aquaculture
(A Society under Marine Products Export Development Authority,
Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Govt. of India)

Technology Development Centre for Sustainable Aquaculture

President's Desk

Dr. A. Jayathilak, IAS, President, RGCA.
Thank you for visiting the website of RGCA! This is a portal through which we intend to stay connected and engaged to support the Aquaculture sector of the Country through various active nodal units and flagship projects operated by the Organization. RGCA’s mandate focuses on applied research and development, dissemination of aquaculture technologies through its various projects being operated at different species-specific locations of the country. Apart from the quality research, the organization delivers seamless and continuous services to the aquaculture sector in various forms like supplying quality seeds and brooders through its hatchery and broodstock facilities, disease diagnosis services through its Central Aquaculture Pathology Lab and quarantine services through its Centralized Aquatic Quarantine Unit.

This website provides a comprehensive overview of the various technology projects of the organization and its services to the aquaculture industry. I trust that you will find this site to be useful and easy to use.

With best wishes,
Dr. A. Jayathilak, IAS

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