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Broodstock Multiplication Centre for L. vannamei

Pacific White Shrimp
   Phylum :    Arthropoda
   Subphylum :    Crustacea
   Class :    Malacostraca
   Order    :    Decapoda
   Family   :    Penaeidae
   Genus :    Litopenaeus
   Species :    vannamei

Within three years of its introduction for farming in India, the Pacific White Shrimp Litopenaeus vannamei has become the most preferred species of shrimp for aquaculture in the country. SPF broodstock are sourced by approved hatchery operators from approved international suppliers for seed production and supply to farmers. There has been an exponential increase in demand for SPF broodstock for seed production in the country.

The Broodstock Multiplication Centre (BMC) for L. vannamei has been established by the Rajiv Gandhi Centre for Aquaculture (RGCA) at Mangamaripeta village near Bhimunipatnam of Visakhapatnam District of Andhra Pradesh. This project, implemented in technical collaboration with M/s. Oceanic Institute, Hawaii, the pioneers in the world in domestication of L. vannamei,  is designed  to provide consistent supply of High Quality SPF Pacific White Shrimp (L. vannamei) broodstock, that are selectively bred for good maturation performance, fast growth, resistance to diseases and high survival to the hatcheries in the country for production & supply of high quality seeds to farmers.  

Areal view of L.vannamei BMC, Visakhapatnam L. vannamei BMC Facility

Infrastructure Facilities

The TASPARC (The Andhra Pradesh Shrimp Seed Production, Supply and Research Centre) facility of MPEDA at Vishakhapatnam in Andhra Pradesh has been modified suitably for the development of this facility. The total operation is being carried out in two phases, viz. Phase I & II:

  • Facilities for Phase I Rearing: 20 tanks for the rearing of PL-15 to 15 gm size Shrimps (10 tanks of 15 sq. m each & 10 tanks of 27 sq. m each).
  • Facilities for Phase II Rearing: 20 tanks for the rearing of 15 gm Shrimps to Brooders (4 tanks of 27 sq. m & 16 tanks of 40 sq. m each).
Apart from the above, the facility has a complete seawater intake and treatment system comprising of Pumps, Reservoirs, Ozone generating units, UV filters, Cartridge filters and Sand filters. Algal production section, Re-circulation Units, Seawater Chiller Units, power back-up systems, Aeration systems and Bio-security systems are also in place.

Technology Development &Transfer: 

As mentioned above, RGCA is collaborating with M/s. Oceanic Institute for the implementation of the project, which will be providing RGCA with the necessary Germplasm (Postlarvae) for Broodstock production. SPF L. vannamei Post larvae (PL) sourced from M/s. Oceanic Institute at regular intervals during the year are reared to broodstock by RGCA at this facility. The stocks are subject to a strict screening process to select the best ones for supply. RGCA would receive two to three batches of PLs each year. This facility has a capacity to supply around 45,000 broodstock to the Industry each year.

Present Status

Broodstock supply commenced from April 2013 and four Cycles of SPF L. vannamei Broodstock Production have successfully been completed at the facility. Till July 2014, over 22,000 pairs of quality broodstock have been distributed from the facility to CAA Registered Hatcheries across the country. The next batch is expected to be ready by the mid of October 2014. 


The Team

Asst. Project Managers :    Dr. A. Anand Kumar
:    Shri. Ranjan Kumar Patra
Asst. Technical Managers :    Ms. Varanasi Laxmi
:    Shri. Ch. Santosh Kumar
Technicians :    Shri. Lanka Gurumurthy
:    Shri. DV. Ravi Kishore
Electrician Cum Mechanics :    Shri. TA. Nagaraju
:    Shri. Appalanagaraju Thiumalaraju
:    Shri. P. L. Arun
Purchase Cum Store Assistant :    Shri. G. Anish
Accountant :    Shri. Michael Renold Bino

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