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Domestication of Tiger Shrimp Project

Giant Black Tiger Shrimp
   Phylum :    Arthropoda
   Subphylum :    Crustacea
   Class :    Malacostraca
   Order    :    Decapoda
   Family   :    Penaeidae
   Genus :    Penaeus
   Species :    monodon

The Domestication of Tiger Shrimp Project (DTSP) was established by RGCA at Andaman & Nicobar Islands with a view to support the shrimp farming industry in the country that was plagued with viral diseases causing regular crop losses to farmers. 

The project aims to sustain the Indian Shrimp Aquaculture industry through the supply of domesticated SPF Tiger Shrimp broodstock for seed production and farming thereby augmenting aquaculture production and export. DTSP envisages to produce stocks (families of shrimp that are free for all known shrimp pathogens and selected for desirable traits such as growth, reproductive performance, disease resistance, meat quality and yield)  for supply to the shrimp hatchery operators in the Industry to produce healthy shrimp seeds.

Aerial view of DTSP

Infrastructure Facilities

State-of-the-art world class facilities have been created for this project. The major components of the project operations are:
  • Pre-primary and Primary Quarantine Units (PPQU & PQU): located at Amkunj, middle Andamans. Tiger shrimp broodstock from the wild are screened here, for the development of founder families for the project.
  • Secondary Quarantine Unit (SQU): located at Kodiaghat near Port Blair in South Andamans.
  • Nucleus Breeding Centre (NBC): The NBC is located at Kodiaghat in South Andamans. This facility is the soul of the project and is responsible for selective breeding of the families received from the SQU and maintenance of SPF domesticated Germplasm of several families of Tiger Shrimp stocks.
  • Broodstock Multiplication Centre(BMC): This facility is being established at Agasteeswaram, Kanyakumari district, Tamil Nadu. BMC is intended for multiplication of the stocks received from the NBC and for mass production and supply of SPF domesticated Broodstock to Tiger Shrimp Hatcheries for production and supply of High Health seeds to the shrimp farming sector.
  • Pilot Scale Broodstock Multiplication Centre: The Pilot scale of operations of the project are presently being carried out at the OSSPARC facility of MPEDA at Gopalpur- on-Sea at Odisha.
  • High Health Tiger Shrimp Seed Production Unit located at Vadarevu village, Chirala Mandal, Prakasam District, Andhra Pradesh, in a leased out private tiger shrimp hatchery.

Technology Development &Transfer
  • International standard bio-security protocols are in place for development and maintenance of SPF Tiger Shrimp stocks.
  • Artificial insemination technique has been implemented for successful selective breeding in Tiger Shrimp.
  • The genetic digital database of the entire breeding programme at the DTSP is maintained for analyzing the genetic diversity as well as to avoid inbreeding.
  • As a precursor to the production of SPF tiger shrimp broodstock, RGCA initiated production and supply of high health tiger shrimp seeds which is free from all OIE listed diseases.
  • The production and release of SPF broodstock to the industry from the main project operations will be commenced upon progress and development of subsequent generations and upon establishing Broodstock Multiplication Centre at Kanyakumari.
Present Status
  • During the period from 2012 to 2014, this project has produced and supplied over 40 million High health Tiger Shrimp seeds to shrimp farmers in Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh , Odisha and Gujarat for production of disease free crop.
  • Successfully developed 7th generation SPF Tiger Shrimp and 4th generation SPF Tiger Shrimps in the Pilot scale operations of the project being carried out at OSSPARC facility, Gopalpur-on-Sea, Odisha.
  • First, second and third generations of Tiger shrimp families have been developed so far at the main project operations at Andamans. Development of new founder families is also progressing.


The Team

Project Manager(HHTSPU) :    Shri. Guruswamy Ramar
Project Manager(DTSP - Andamans) :    Shri. Thinesh Santhar
Project Manager(DTSP - SBNPC) :    Shri. Boyina Srikanth
Asst. Project Managers :    Shri. S.Nagaraj
:    Dr. M. Shailender
:    Shri.Sushant Kumar Patra
:    Shri. John, C. E.
:    Shri. A. Uma Maheswara Rao
:    Shri. I. Rakkaiah
:    Shri. Ratkanta Mahapatra
Jr. Project Manager :    Shri. P. Bangaraju
Asst.Technical Managers :    Shri. Y. Narayana Swamy
:    Shri. Sarmal K.P
:    Shri. D. Silambarasan
:    Shri. Boorada Kishor
:    Shri. G. Siva Krishna
Technicians :    Smt. Sheetal Dilip
:    Shri. Sarun John Roy
:    Shri. T. Yellam Naidu
:    Shri. J. Ganesh
:    Shri. Abisheak Shaik
:    Shri. Kiran Pilli
Purchase Cum Store Asst. :    Shri. Srinivasa Rao
Electrician Cum Mechanics :    Shri. P. Krishna Swamy
:    Shri. Haraprasad Panigrahy
Asst. Project Managers (Acc/Adm/Pers) :    Shri. K. Praveen Raj
:    Shri. A. Janaki Ramaiyya.
Accountant :    Shri. N. Nayeem Faud

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