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Artemia Project

Brine Shrimp
   Phylum :    Arthropoda
   Subphylum :    Crustacea
   Class :    Branchiopoda
   Order    :    Anostraca
   Family   :    Artemiidae
   Genus :    Artemia
   Species :    franciscana

Artemia is one of the most important live feed used during the larval rearing operations of farmed aquatic organisms and therefore is an irreplacable component in crustacean and finfish hatcheries. While Artemia nauplii are used for feeding early larval stages, Artemia biomass are used as feed for older larvae as well as a maturation feed in Shrimp and Scampi hatcheries. Artemia cysts collected from the salt lakes in the US are marketed across the world for use in aquaculture hatchery activities. It is estimated that India imports around 50 metric tons of Artemia cysts annually for its aquaculture activities.

The Artemia project of RGCA has been established for the development of technologies for Aquaculture production of Artemia cysts and Biomass in saline salt pan areas in the country and to disseminate the same to Self Help Groups, Salt producers and entrepreneurs to promote Artemia cyst production through aquaculture. This project is located at Tharuvaikulam in Tuticorin, Tamil Nadu.

Artemia Cysts Artemia Farm

Infrastructure Facilities

The project facility has been established on a 16.75 acre site and comprises of 7 algal and 13 Artemia production ponds. 5 ponds are also developed as evaporation ponds for obtaining high saline water. The ponds are biosecure and fully covered with bird fencing. 

The facility has an in-house Artemia cyst processing and packing area and is equipped with machinery such as, fluidized bed dryer, siever and vacuum packing machine for processing and packing Artemia cysts. An algal stock culture lab has been set-up in the project site for maintaining required algal species preferably diatoms. 

A new model demonstration farm is being set up in Ramanathapuram district for technology demonstrations and to provide training to SHGs, small scale Salt pan owners and large entrepreneurs for Artemia cyst and biomass production through aquaculture in saline salt pan areas.

Technology Development &Transfer
  • Technology standardized for production of WSSV free Artemia cysts and biomass through aquaculture.
  • Technology for harvest, processing and packing of Artemia Cyst and Biomass has also been standardized at the project.
  • A viable package of practice for Artemia Cysts and Biomass production for adoption by Self Help Groups in Tuticorin & Ramanathapuram Districts of Tamil Nadu has been developed.
  • RGCA has commenced the supply of WSSV (White Spot Syndrome Virus) free Artemia Biomass to Ornamental fish hatcheries, Marine finfish hatcheries and L. vannamei hatcheries. This product is highly popular among the above units and is in great demand.
Present Status

Artemia Cysts produced at the RGCA facility has already been registered as “Pearl Brand Artemia Cyst” at the Trademarks office in Chennai. Record production levels of up to of 231.5 Kg Artemia wet Cyst/Ha/Crop of 90 days has been achieved at the project making this an excellent commercially viable venture both for salt producers as well as new entrepreneurs. 


The Team

Asst. Project Manager :    Shri. M. Samaya kannan
Asst. Technical Managers :    Shri. K. Balachander
:    Shri. S. Moovendhan
Accountant :    Shri. J. Mohanraj

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