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Scampi (Macrobrachium rosenbergii) Broodstock Development Project

Giant Freshwater Prawn (Scampi)
   Phylum :    Arthropoda
   Subphylum :    Crustacea
   Class :    Malacostraca
   Order    :    Decapoda
   Family   :    Palaemonidae
   Genus :    Macrobrachium
   Species :    rosenbergii

The Scampi project of RGCA has been established in Krishna District of Andhra Pradesh for the development of an improved High Health Indian strain of Scampi and to develop & standardize technology for production of all-male scampi seed through the development of “Neofemales” (females obtained through sex reversal of males and that yield all male progeny) through microsurgical interventions. These Neofemales would be provided to Scampi hatcheries across the country for the production and supply of all-male scampi seed to farmers. The project is also pursuing a selective breeding programme with the best Indian Strains of Scampi to develop superior germplasm having all desirable traits for aquaculture.

The project will facilitate the production and supply of high health all-male Scampi seed to the industry for farming to boost up farm production and to assist the Scampi export industry to comply with all international norms related to traceability requirements of market enabling India to get better access to international seafood markets.

Experimental Scampi Farm
Prospectve Neofemales
All male Demo farm
Unifom sized all males produced in our experimental farm 3

Infrastructure Facilities

This project facility comprises a well established hatchery located at Kankipadu village and a biosecure experimental & grow-out farm at Manikonda village, both located in Krishna District, Andhra Pradesh. The hatchery facility is equipped with a quarantine section, brood stock, larval and post larval rearing systems, a microsurgery laboratory, microbiology laboratory and water analysis laboratory. The farm facility comprises of a quarantine unit, 18 nos. of 500 sqm broodstock holding ponds and 36 nos. of 250 sqm experimental ponds. Supporting systems such as sedimentation tanks, reservoirs, effluent treatment ponds, aeration systems and power back up systems are also in place.

Technology Development &Transfer
  • The project has been successful in the development of high health Scampi strains that performs better in Indian conditions through a field level diallel crossing experiment.
  • Developed technology for production of “Neofemales” (Females that are developed by sex reversal of male and that yield all male progeny) through microsurgical interventions.
  • Successfully developed technology for breeding “Neofemales for the production of “all male” progeny.
  • Successfully completed yield improvement integrated experiment with all males to evolve best farming practices for  higher yields through all male culture. 
  • All of the above have been achieved for the first time in the country and in the sub continent.
  • Trial neofemale breeding was conducted for all male seed production in selected hatchery in Andhra Pradesh.
  • Presently in the process of developing neofemale broodstocks en mass for supplying to selected hatcheries.

Present Status

The project is now scaling up the production of “Neofemales”, which would pave way for the production and supply of fast growing all male Scampi seeds to the Freshwater Prawn Farming industry. The project has completed 1st generation selective breeding experiment and making breeding plan for 2nd generation.  PIT tags are being used for all stocks in the selective breeing programme to assist in the selection of prawns. 

The development of  sex specific molecular markers exclusively for Indian strains of Scampi has been initiated. Alternative and advanced methods of sex reversal such as "gene silencing" is being explored at the project to speed up the production of Neofemale for supply to commercial hatcheries.


The Team

Asst. Project Manager :    Shri. S. Kannan
Asst. Technical Managers :    Shri. Bethala Suresh
:    Shri. K. Lakshmi Narayana
:    Shri. K. Kanakachintaiah
Technicians :    Shri. Pedapolu Srinu
:    Shri. Hanok Kumar Indupalli
Electrician Cum Mechanic :    Shri. GP. Suba Rao
Accountant :    Shri. G. Ramu

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