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Seabass Hatchery Project

Asian Seabass- Lates calcarifer
   Phylum :    Chordata
   Subphylum :    Vertebrata
   Class :    Pisces
   Order    :    Perciformes
   Family   :    Latidae
   Genus :    Lates
   Species :    calcarifer

The Sea bass Hatchery project was initiated by RGCA during the year 2000 at Thoduvai village in Sirkali taluk of, Nagapattinam Dt., Tamil Nadu. The project envisaged to establish a hatchery facility for the development & dissemination of technology on sea bass seed production in hatchery systems and to impart training on specific areas of hatchery operations to the entrepreneurs and hatchery operators. The project also envisaged to supply sea bass seeds to the aquaculture industry till such time commercial ventures are established. A selective breeding programme in Sea bass is also being initiated at the project during the 12th plan period.

Seabass Hatchery

Infrastructure Facilities:

The Seabass Hatchery Project has been established on a 13. 2 acre own site at Thoduvai. The hatchery complex comprises of a quarantine section, broodstock housing and spawning sections, larval rearing section, fingerling rearing area and a full-fledged live feed section that includes areas for Micro algae, Rotifer and Artemia. Accessory systems of seawater intake, fresh water intake, reservoirs, overhead tanks, filtration and aeration systems and power back up systems are also in place.

State-of-the-art infrastructure facilities equipped with RAS (Recirculation Aquaculture Systems) with thermo and photo controls have also been established at the facility for broodstock housing and management for year round production of seed.

Technology Development &Transfer: 
  • Protocols for capture and quarantine of  broodstock have been standardized. 
  • Technology for breeding & seed production of the Asian sea bass has also been standardized.
  • Technology for nursery rearing of sea bass fry for production of fingerlings has also been standardized at the sea bass hatchery.

Present Status:

Seabass fry and fingerlings are being produced at the facility round the year and supplied to Farmers, Research institutes, Fisheries Departments of various states, NGO's and other bodies for their demonstration programmes. Around 1 million Seabass seeds have been supplied from the facility during the year 2013-14. Several demonstrations on feasibility of Seabass cage farming in grow out ponds have also been carried out at the aquaculture demonstration farm of RGCA at Karaikal as well as in the ponds of farmers to popularize Seabass culture. In addition, training programmes are also being conducted on a regular basis to interested entrepreneurs and technocrats from time to time.

The demand for Seabass seed is continuously increasing with each year.


The Team

Project Manager :    Dr. K. Ganesh
Asst. Project Manager :    Shri. D.Y.S. Krishnamurthy
Asst. Technical Managers :    Shri. M. Saravanan
:    Shri. K.V.Gangadharan
:    Shri. R. Murugesan
Facilities Wings :    Shri. R.Senthil Kumar (Mechanical cum electrical Supervisor)
:    Shri. A.S.Vasudevan (Mechanic cum eletrician)
Accountant :    Shri. P.U.Sujith

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