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Aquaculture Demonstration Farm

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RGCA has established an Aquaculture Demonstration Farm to develop and demonstrate technologies in nursery rearing and grow out farming of species such as the Asian Seabass and Mangrove mud crab. This project is located at Karaikal, UT of Pondicherry. All nursery rearing and grow out farming trials in  Asian Seabass as well as Mangrove crab are carried out at this facility. Technologies for different kinds of farming systems such as cage farming of Asian Seabass in aquaculture ponds as well as open pond culture systems have been developed, standardized and demonstrated here.

The project has also standardized and demonstrated technologies in nursery rearing of Asian Seabass from fry to fingerlings in cages in ponds, nursery rearing of hatchery produced Crab instars to crablets in nursery hapas in ponds, growout farming of Mangrove crabs in pens in ponds as well as in open ponds and soft crab production in aquaculture ponds.

A field trial for Mangrove Crab grow-out farming using Hatchery produced seed and pellet feed is progressing at the project. 

Cage View
Asian seabass harvested from cages
Pen Pond
Mangrove mud crab cluster

Infrastructure Facilities

The Aquaculture Demonstration Farm has been developed in a 12.5 acre site and has five ponds of varying water spread areas. Cages for Asian Seabass farming, floating catwalks and walkways have been created in the facility. Hapas and pens for mangrove mud crab culture and other supporting systems such as water intake systems, filter beds, aerators and drainage systems are also installed in the project site. A small laboratory with microscopes and water testing equipment for routine analysis is also established in this project facility.

Technology Development &Transfer
  • Technology for nursery rearing and grow out cage farming of Asian Seabass in aquaculture ponds has been standardized.
  • Technology for nursery rearing of mangrove mud crab in hapas and grow out farming  in pens and open ponds has been developed.
  • Technology for soft shell mangrove mud crab production standardized.
  • Hands on training programmes on "Best husbandry practices in Asian sea bass and mangrove mud crab aquaculture" are conducted at the facility..
  • Orientation programmes in Asian Seabass and Mangrove mud crab aquaculture are organized regularly at the facility
  • Radio talks and TV interviews on the above culture practices are regularly aired and telecasted to create awareness.

Present Status 

Different nursery rearing and grow out farming technologies for Mangrove crab, such as hapa rearing, pen culture and open pond farming are being demonstrated and frequent training programmes organized at the Aquaculture Demonstration Farm. A large scale experiment for soft shell crab production with hatchery reared seeds has also been taken up at the project for demonstration.

An 18.7 acre site has been acquired for project by RGCA at Mahendrapalli on the banks of the river Kollidam, Nagapattinam District, Tamil Nadu to set up an own Multi species experimental cum demonstration farm.


The Team

Project Manager :    Shri. S. Pandiarajan
Project Manager :    Shri. B. Narasimha Rao
Asst. Project Manager :    Dr. G. K. Dinakaran
Asst. Technical Managers :    Shri. T. Sundharesan
:    Shri. K. Sathish Kumar
Accountant :    Shri. S.V. Rajarajan

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