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Grouper Project

Tiger Grouper
   Phylum :    Chordata
   Subphylum :    Vertebrata
   Class :    Actinopterygii
   Order    :    Perciformes
   Family   :    Serranidae
   Genus :    Epinephelus
   Species :    fuscoguttatus

The Grouper Project of RGCA was initiated in the year 2006. The Andaman and Nicobar Islands with its vast stretch of coral reefs and rocky areas along the coast, unpolluted waters and a natural habitat of the Grouper, was chosen as the location for the establishment of the Grouper project. The project envisages to facilitate live fish production and export of Groupers from India which is presently not exploited.

Grouper Hatchery
Grading of Tiger Grouper
Aerial View of Open Sea Cage Station
Orange spotted grouper fingerlings

Infrastructure Facilities

The Grouper Project comprises of a Land Based Hatchery facility at Kodiaghat in South Andamans and an Open Sea cage farm off Rutand Island. The sea cage farm has 21 HDPE Sea cage rafts, an FRP boat, two out board motors for cage operations, Jet washing machine to clean net cages and SCUBA diving equipment & accessories.

The Andaman & Nicobar Administration had allotted 2 acres of land for RGCA for the construction of Multi-species Grouper hatchery facility at Rangachang Village, South Andaman. Foundation stone for this hatchery was laid on 28th February 2014 by Shri. Anand Sharma, Hon’ble Minister for Commerce and Industry,Govt. of India  in the presence of Shri. T.K.A Nair IAS (Retd) Advisor to the Prime Minister of India, Lt.General (Retd). A.K. Singh, PVSM,AVSM,SM,VSM, Hon’ble Lt. Governor, Andaman & Nicobar Islands, Shri. Bishnu Pada Ray Hon’ble Member of Parliament, A & N Islands, Shri. Anand Prakash, IAS, Shri. Rajeev Kher, IAS Commerce Secretary, Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Govt. of India, Ms. Leena Nair, IAS Chairman, MPEDA & President, RGCA, Shri. Y.C. Thampi Sam Raj, Project Director, RGCA.

Technology Development &Transfer
  • Standardized natural spawning of Tiger Grouper and Orange spotted grouper in floating net cages and achieved natural spawning in land based broodstock tanks simulating natural sea conditions.
  • Technology was developed for open sea cage farming of Tiger Grouper 
  • An awareness programme on Grouper farming in sea cages was carried out for the benefit of local fisherfolk and prospective entrepreneurs at Andamans. Besides, entrepreneurs who have evinced interest in Grouper farming were also provided with information on Cage farming
Present Status 

The project has carried out several demonstrations of Sea Cage farming of Groupers using Hatchery produced seeds and created widespread awareness to the fisherfolk in the region on the enormous potential that this activity has in the socio-economic upliftment by providing employment opportunities and new source of livelihood for several sections of people in the region. Over 3 metric tons of Tiger Grouper has been harvested from these operations. 
Achieved Breeding of Orange Spotted Grouper  - Epinephelus coioides in captivity and the fingerlings have been stocked in floating net cages for trial farming. 


The Team

Project Manager :    Shri. D. Thinesh Santhar
Asst. Technical Manager :    Shri. S. Vijayakumar
Accountant :    Shri. Elumalai

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