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Mangrove Crab Hatchery Project

Mangrove Crab
   Phylum :    Arthropoda
   Subphylum :    Crustacea
   Class :    Malacostraca
   Order    :    Decapoda
   Family   :    Portunidae
   Genus :    Scylla
   Species :    serrata

Mangrove mud crab - Scylla serrata is a highly preferred commodity in the International seafood market. Over exploitation of this natural resource from the wild has resulted in the stagnation of fisheries production of this species across the world including India. The Mangrove Crab Hatchery Project of RGCA was initiated to promote aquaculture of this species to augment its aquaculture production as well for the natural stock enhancement of the species in the wild by ranching activities. This is achieved through the development of technology for hatchery seed production for supply to farmers.

Mangrove Crab hatchery

Infrastructure Facilities

A pilot scale hatchery was initially established within the Seabass hatchery facility during the year 2004. Presently a full scale Mangrove Crab hatchery has been established with a production capacity of 1 million crab instar per annum. This facility comprises of dedicated sections for broodstock quarantine, maintenance, hatching and larval rearing. A separate live feed unit has also been created which ensures steady supply of quality live feed to the larvae. Besides these, supporting systems such as seawater intake systems, Ozone Treatment systems, UV filtration and aeration systems, Reservoirs (200 Metric ton), Effluent treatment system(ETS) and drainage systems as well as backup power systems have also been provided at the facility.

Technology Development &Transfer
  • Technology for breeding and seed production of Mangrove Crab  - Scylla serrata has been standardized.
  • Protocols for selection of broodstock, broodstock quarantining, spawning & hatching, larval rearing, live feed production and use of green water technology have been developed.
  • Technology for captive maturation of Mangrove crab with and without eyestalk ablation has been developed.
  • Standardized technology for year round production of Crab instar.
  • Achieved a record survival rate of 18.1 % in crab instar production against the world average of 3.5%. Consistent survival rates around 8% are obtained in RGCA hatchery operations.
  • A package of practice for hatchery seed production of Mangrove crab has been developed.
Present Status 

Remarkable survival rates, as high as 18.1% and an annual average of 8% survival has been achieved at the project against the world average of 3 3.5%, giving scope for commercialization of the technology. 

The project has been supplying crab instars and crablets (reared at the RGCA demonstration farm, Karaikal) to farmers and research institutions since the year 2006. A record production of 8 lakhs crab Instar has been achieved at the full scale facility during the year 2013-14.


The Team

Project Manager :    Dr. K. Ganesh
Asst. Project Manager :    Shri. S. Arul Raj
Asst. Technical Managers :    Shri. K. Velmurugan
:    Shri. S. Viswanathan
Accountant :    Shri. P.U. Sujith

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